Penarafan Pemain: Kedah vs Selangor

Tahniah kepada Kedah apabila memperolehi kemenangan pertama dan juga tanpa bolos untuk musim ini, mengalahkan Selangor 2-0 dalam Liga Super.

Tambah menarik apabila melihat bekas-bekas pemain Kedah FA seperti Sandro da Silva, Khyril Muhymeen, dan Syazwan Zainon ditewaskan oleh kelab lama mereka.

Kandungan: Kedah | Selangor


Shahril Saa'ri - 7/10

The goalkeeper kept a clean sheet, but he was not tested too frequently by the ineffective Selangor attackers.

Rizal Ghazali - 8/10

The right back did well to keep out the threat of Selangor left winger and former teammate Syazwan Zainon.

Irfan Zakaria - 7/10

A rare start for the centre back, who did enough to help his new club record their first clean sheet and win of the season.

Renan Alves - 8/10 (Man of the Match)

The central defender had a fine night, defending well to record a clean sheet. But most strikingly, he got on the score sheet, nodding in the first goal of the night.

Shakir Hamzah - 7/10 

The left back did not have trouble keeping out Selangor's forays into his flank, but still had to come away with a booking.

Fadzrul Danel - 8/10

The young midfielder contributed to his team's air-tight defence, helping them come away with a clean sheet.

Baddrol Bakhtiar - 7/10

Kedah midfield was in-form, patrolling the middle of the park effectively to keep out the already-struggling Selangor attack. Baddrol was at the heart of it, helping shore up the defence. He however picked up a booking for a rather needless tackle.

Azamuddin Akil - 8/10

Kedah's win happened thanks to their wingers' ability to make themselves dangerous, and Azamuddin often made himself a nuisance to the Selangor defence. He also came away with an assist, his free kick leading to the hosts' first goal.

Hadin Azman - 7/10

Just like Azamuddin, the other flanker on the team was a constant threat against the Selangor defence.

Tchetche Kipre - 7/10

The forward effectively made himself a nuisance to the visitors, and as a result they were harried into conceding twice in the first half.

Kpah Sherman - 8/10

The striker did well to constantly threaten the Selangor defence, and to come away with a goal himself.


Fayadh Zulkifli, Zaquan Adha, Alif Yusof - NA

Late substitutions who were tasked with helping the team avoid conceding, which they performed sufficiently.

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Khairul Azhan Khalid - 5/10

The custodian's saves kept the margin small, but ultimately it was his error that led to them conceding the first goal of the night.

Syahmi Safari - 4/10

Another unconvincing performance by the right back who was then pushed up as a right winger in the second half. He received a booking in the first half.

Taylor Regan - 4/10

The centre back and skipper turned in a poor performance that did little to help them avoid conceding.

Rodney Celvin - 4/10

The central defender had a tough time trying to keep out the hosts' two burly foreign strikers.

K. Prabakaran - 4/10

Another forgettable night for the left back.

Halim Saari - 4/10

The midfielder's first start of the season did not end up positively, and he came away with a booking and a defeat.

Brendan Gan - 4/10

The Malaysia star did not show what he is capable of, and was able to do little to help Selangor avoid losing.

Sandro da Silva - 5/10

An improved performance by the former Kedah star, but he still did nowhere near enough to help the visitors mount dangerous attack and avoid defeat.

Khyril Muhymeen - 4/10

The flanker made little impact when he played in the first half, and was substituted off at the start of the second.

Syazwan Zainon - 4/10

The winger was ineffective against his former club.

Ifedayo Olusegun - 5/10

The forward got more involved in the attack in this match, dropping down often to win the ball, but ultimately did not gel with the other attackers, and his passes was often intercepted. 


Rufino Segovia, Safuwan Baharudin, A. Namathevan - NA

Second half changes who could do little to help the Red Giants turned things around.

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